Learning Through Play

To Help your child settle in, they will be introduced to their very own key person and other key people that will be involved in their care.

0-1 Year

Babies of six weeks and upwards are looked after by extremely dedicated staff, in our baby area children are allowed to explore the environment with intrest, develop their curiosity and take pleasure in learning new skills. Children will seek to gain attention and develop their physical abilities by rolling, crawling, pulling themselves up and sometimes by taking their first steps; they will create personal words as they begin to develop language and there will always be plenty of time for cuddles.

1-2 Years

The children of this age will begin to gain self-awareness. We will encourage them to make choices that involve challenges and this will then help them to develop confidence in their own abilities. The children will respond to a small number of boundaries and begin to understand sharing. The children will be encouraged to communicate preferences and will be keen to help with dressing; they will also begin to make 'marks' on paper, in the sand, with paint and other resources.

2-3 Years

Children will show interest in why things happen, will begin to use investigative methods and will realise that tools can be used for purpose. They will learn basic ICT skills and will know how to operate simple equipment. There will be opportunities to allow them to make sense of what they see hear, touch and feel. Children will begin to understand variations in size, will be able to count and recognise colours and shapes.

4 Years

Children of this age will be encouraged to take pride in their achivements. They will begin to show care and concern for others, for living things and for the environment. Their development will lead the children to begin to use more complex sentances and use a widening range of words to express or elaborate on ideas; they will listen with enjoyment to stories, rhymes and music. They will use number language spontaneously and will be able to match number and quantity correctly, and will begin to count beyond ten. They will be able to complete a simple programme on a computer, and will talk about past and future events. Children will be encouraged to explore colour, shape, texture and space in two or three dimensions and will be allowed ti use their imagination in art, dance, role play and stories. They will understand that words carrying meaning and will begin to form letters with corresponding sounds.